Post-doctoral Research Assistants

Dr. Caitlin Kelly

Email: ck19844 (at)
ResearchGate profile

I completed my PhD in Developmental Psychology with a cross-emphasis in health in August 2018 at the University of Utah. Broadly, I study social relationships in the context of chronic illness across development. My work includes examining how other people may help or harm self-management efforts for individuals with diabetes – mainly, type 1 diabetes. Currently, I am expanding my program of research to understand ‘difficult conversations’ in a new project with Gillian, which includes how to get individuals with a serious chronic illness – like  cancer – and their friends to be more comfortable talking with each other.

PhD Students

Shaaba Lotun

Email: slotun (at)
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I am interested in understanding relationships formed between creative influencers and their followers on social media, and what this can tell us about relationships more broadly.